Canada Expands Work Hour Limit For International Students

On October 7, 2022 the Immigration minister of Canada Mr. Sean Fraser made a public announcement that working hours for international students have been changed. International students can now work more than 20 hours per a week. (Report from CIC news). This is a short term measure, beginning November 15, 2022, and finishing December 31, 2023.


This adjustment of Canada working hours for students will just apply to students concentrating on full-time in the country. Presently, international students can work more than 2o hours out of each week during semester breaks or occasions, for example, summer and winter, the limitation is lifted.


Major Reason Why Canada Expands Work Hour Limit For International Students

The verdict to get rid of the limitation follows as organizations battled to fill work opportunities the nation over.

Canada has become progressively subject to impermanent inhabitants, including international students, to fill its workforce needs. This year Canada has been hit with work deficiencies and one of the most reduced paces of unemployment ever.

The unemployment rate was recorded at 5.4% in August and fell even lower to 5.2% in September. Thus, this has impacted the country’s economy with almost 1,000,000 work opening as of July. Immigration minister of Canada Mr. Sean Fraser  told reporters that lifting the cap will give students a greater choice of employment opportunities, making them less likely to fall victim to “unscrupulous employers.” He again said,”That will actually create a better opportunity for students to not fall victim to an individual employer they may be beholden to.”

Fraser also announced a pilot project to automate some approvals of study permit extension applications, meant to address a backlog.