List Of 10 Countries With Post-Study Work Visa For International Students

As an International student, is always a privilege to observe the world from a new point of view by acquiring a new habit and skills.For most universities, it is not enough to simply start accepting applications and hope enough people apply and show up. Actively seeking out new students is critical to the success of any university, and it is vital, now more, than ever, to bring in new individuals from other countries. Looking at various aspects of one’s life, studying abroad adds value to your character, academic knowledge, and career prospects.

Below are the 10 countries that offer international students a post-study work visa:

1. United Kingdom (UK)

The UK Work space opened its new post-study work visa known as the”Graduate Route” for international students on July 1, which would permit international graduates to apply for the option to remain for a professional training or job experience toward the finish of their college programs.

It is legitimate for as long as two years. You can’t expand your Graduate visa, however you can change to an alternate visa, for instance, a Skilled Worker visa, which permits you to come to or remain in the UK to make a qualified showing with an endorsed business. This visa has supplanted the Tier 2 (General) work visa.

2. Australia

Australia has probably the best colleges and universities on the planet and is home to dynamic urban areas, staggering sea shores and a variety of delightful untamed life and nature. It’s no big surprise why students rush to seek after degrees in the Land Down Under.

In the event that you’re thinking about Australia as a review objective, the uplifting news is you can likewise apply for the Transitory Graduate Visa which will permit you to remain for two to four years (contingent upon your certificate) when you graduate.


Aside the quality schooling in Ireland, the nation is additionally the European center to more than 1,000 driving worldwide organizations, notes Training In Ireland.

More than 1,000 FDI goliaths in ICT, Social Media, Pharmaceuticals and Finance have made Ireland the center of their European tasks, with names like Google, HP, Apple, IBM, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pfizer, GSK and Genzyme. They need ability to drive their prosperity.

It’s workable for international students to remain in the nation subsequent to graduating under the Amended Third Level Graduate Scheme Permission. “This permits non-EU/EEA students who have moved on from Irish advanced education organizations to stay in Ireland for a very long time to look for work,” notes Schooling In Ireland.

4.United State (US)

The US has forever been known as the place where there is fresh new chances, which makes it obvious why many herd to the country to pursue the Pursuit of happiness. If you have any desire to work in the US subsequent to finishing your certification, your F-1 visa will make it conceivable.

International students on a F-1 visa are qualified to apply for Practical Training (OPT), given that they’re reading up in the US for a base one year time span. Under this, international students are allowed to remain and work in the US for a long time without being supported by a business.

The STEM OPT is an augmentation of the standard Select, permitting students two years rather than one year to work in the US after graduation.

The H-1B visa is normally alluded to as the US’s staple work visa. It’s a brief work visa that permits non-US occupants to work in the country for as long as six years. They need to have graduated with a base four year college education in the equivalent or related field of the gig scope.

You can’t make a difference for this visa yourself — your manager needs to document it for you. To this end it’s critical to arrange assemble associations while you’re still on OPT status.

5.New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries to live in besides being the recording area of The Lord of the Rings.New Zealand is home to eight universities that are among the top 500 in the world.
Contingent upon your capability and where you studied, their post-study work visa would permit you to work for any business somewhere in the range of one and three years and accomplish practically any work.

6. Germany

Studying in Germany takes note of that graduates from non-EU/EEA nations can work in Germany after they finish their examinations by expanding their residence permit for as long as year and a half after graduation.

These year and a half start when you finish your last exams, most important tests, so you should begin searching for employment while you are currently at university, or during your last semester.

Remember that during these year and a half, you can work anything position you can to help yourself until you figure out full-opportunity employment, and it doesn’t be guaranteed to must be connected with your field of study.

After getting some work in Germany, you can apply for the EU Blue Card program, a work-and residence permit for non-EU/EEA nationals. All EU part states — aside from the UK, Denmark and Ireland — issue the EU Blue Card.

You could be qualified in the event that you are a non-EU resident and you have finished tertiary schooling as well as you have three years or more expert involvement with the calling connected with your profile.

7. Canada

Quality schooling and high expectations for everyday comforts are among the charm of studying in Canada.You might be qualified for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) on the off chance that you have moved on from a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada. The PGWP permits you to briefly remain in Canada to work, however to apply for a Canadian work permit, you will initially have to meet specific measures to work in Canada.

The PGWP might be given in view of the length of the review program for at least eight months up to three years.

8. Finland

Finland is known as one of the most joyful countries, because of it top notch schooling, excellent of life and free student medical care administrations. After your studies, non-EU students can apply for a drawn out residence permit for as long as a year after graduation. This is planned to help graduates as they continued looking for work.

When you secure some work as an alumni, you can then apply for another home grant in light of your new work situation.Concentrate on in Finland takes note of that getting a new line of work in Finland can be trying as not all fields of study offer open doors for work before graduation. They add that work candidates may likewise be expected to have Finnish or Swedish language abilities.

9. Singapore

Singapore is one of the smallest yet powerful country which is situated in Southeast Asia. The Nation is known for its nature of advanced education and research exploration.

For international students, you’ll be conceded a Momentary Visit Pass after your student pass has terminated, which will allow you 90 days to search for work. If you are graduating from one of the following Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) in Singapore, you can apply for a one-year Long-term Social Visit Pass, which is non-renewable.

10.South Korea

South Korea has major areas of strength with their economy an and its colleges and universities are among the best on the planet for the quest for scholarly greatness.

There are valuable chances to work in the country after graduation. Students can apply for the D-10 visa, or the job-seekers visa, to track down work in the country. The D-10 Visa is accessible for students who have procured a partner or four year college education also known as bachelor’s degree.

Independently, the South Korean government is presenting another sort of movement visa explicitly intended to attract worldwide abilities. Named the “Hallyu” visa, which in a real sense means “Korean wave”, it alludes to the sharp ascent in notoriety of Korea’s diversion, music, television dramatizations and movies as well.

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