5 Expensive Tattoos That Were Hilariously Not Worth The Money

Tattoos have long been esteemed as a means of self-expression, where individuals opt for designs that carry personal significance or mirror their distinct style. Nonetheless, not all tattoos materialize as envisioned, and some may even evolve into regrettable investments. As tattoo culture garners increasing popularity, there is a concurrent surge in demand for high-end tattoo services. Tattoo artists renowned for their mastery and ingenuity often command premium prices for their artistry, drawing clients who are willing to invest substantial sums for a bespoke design. In this article, we delve into instances of expensive tattoos that, despite their lofty cost, hilariously failed to meet expectations, leaving their owners to question the worth of their ink.


Maximum Facepalm

Tattoo: Misspelled, poorly-written quotation
Est. Price: $75* 

Upon encountering the title, “Bad Tattoos,” one anticipates encountering some rather unconventional spelling errors. Take, for instance, the phrase, “Believe in yourself and Never Lose Hoop.” Regrettably, this particular tattoo leaves much to be desired, prompting immediate disillusionment. One cannot help but question the proficiency of the tattoo artist, whose primary responsibility is the permanent inking of individuals. How did such simple words fall victim to misspelling? Furthermore, the font choice resembles something out of a children’s Pixar movie, adding to the overall perplexity of the situation. Hopefully, the client who received this erroneous tattoo possesses the means to rectify this lamentable misstep.

Eminem Or M&M?

Tattoo: Eminem turned into a blue M&M
Est. Price: $500* 

In all fairness, the portrait of Eminem’s face, despite its inexplicable all-blue hue, exhibits commendable craftsmanship. However, its inclusion in this compilation of “Bad Tattoos” stems from its lack of coherence. Admittedly, Eminem’s name bears a phonetic resemblance to M&M, yet the rapper himself has not forged any significant association with the popular chocolate candy. If anything, Eminem appears more aligned with the likes of Reese’s. This tattoo peculiarly transforms the acclaimed musician into a confectionery-human amalgam. While the tattoo artist is commendable for fulfilling the client’s request, one cannot help but wonder about the narrative behind this peculiar, vividly blue tattoo.

Money Talk

Tattoo: Badly-done portrait of Ben Franklin 
Est. Price: $100*

We guarantee that this person has $0 in their bank account. They probably spent their last bucks on this hilariously-bad tattoo. When it comes to getting tattoos, you definitely want to spend a little extra cash to get the best quality possible. Great tattoo artists will rarely charge next-to-nothing for a design. After all, you’re paying for a permanent work of art, not a $1.29 McChicken from McDonald’s. This cheaply-done tattoo is supposed to be of Ben Franklin, but it has more of a Jabba the Hutt vibe. Underneath the picture is the text, “Money Talk,” which appears to be missing a letter, as the saying technically goes, “Money Talks.”

Check Mate

Tattoo: Face and head are covered in a checkerboard design 
Est. Price: $500* 

This individual may find it prudent to reassess his life choices, particularly in light of the potential consequences of appearing on a “Most Wanted” list; his unmistakable facial tattoo, portraying a chessboard spanning his entire face, renders him easily identifiable. Opting for a facial tattoo represents a bold decision, one typically cautioned against due to its permanent nature. In this instance, the choice to adorn himself with such an elaborate design, encompassing his lips and even his bald head, appears especially audacious. The prospect of concealing it with makeup would likely prove challenging, if not unfeasible. One can only speculate about the reactions of his family, particularly his mother, upon encountering his dramatic transformation during holiday gatherings.

For Real, Man?

Tattoo: Nike logo dunking a skin tag like a basketball 
Est. Price: $50*

For those bothered by a skin tag, wart, mole, or similar blemish, removal is typically a straightforward outpatient procedure. The cost typically hovers around $150, though insurance coverage may apply if the removal is deemed medically necessary. Alternatively, some individuals opt for a more unconventional route, such as getting a tattoo of the Nike logo dunking the skin tag like a basketball, a choice that might set them back around $50.

This unconventional approach might stem from a desire to transform an otherwise mundane blemish into something visually intriguing. While opinions on the tattoo’s appeal may vary, it certainly earns points for creativity, offering a unique solution to an everyday problem.

Expensive tattoos that fail to meet expectations serve as cautionary tales in the world of body art. While investing in a tattoo can be a deeply personal and transformative experience, it is essential to approach the process with caution and discernment. By choosing reputable artists, communicating effectively, and carefully considering design choices, individuals can mitigate the risk of tattoo regrets and ensure that their ink remains a source of pride and satisfaction for years to come.