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Flask Back: Time with Akatsico Principal

Time with
Akatsico principal
TWJ: Good morning and welcome to TTAG Weekly Journal
Mr. John: Thank you very much.
TWJ: Could you please tell us about yourself?
Mr. John: My full name is John Engelbert Seddoh. I have been the Principal of Akatsi College of Education since March 2015. I double as the Zonal Chairman of Volta-Oti Princof.
Before I was appointed Principal of Akatsi College of
Education, I was a Senior Lecturer at the School of Business, UCC.
TWJ: Kindly tell us about your educational background.
Mr. John: I had my Secondary School education at Kpedze Secondary Schooland St.Paul’s Secondary School for my GCE O’LEVEL and GCE A’LEVEL certificates respec-
tively. I later continued to the University of Ghana for both my First Degree and Master’s degree in 1993 and 2000 respectively. I later had two more Master’s degrees from the University of Cape Coast and two Postgraduate Diploma certificates from the same University.
TWJ: What has been your greatest challenge so far?
Mr. John: Managing change, conflicts, and diversity at the workplace.
TWJ: How have you been able to cope with that so far?
Mr. John: Akatsico is now a center of excellence. The campus has been given a facelift.
It’s possibly the most beautiful College in Ghana. The college has been awarded grants under the T-TEL program. We are now a college of choice in Ghana.
TWJ: What has been the relationship between management and the student’s leadership?
Mr. John: It has been very cordial. We are more Like a family with a common goal.
TWJ: As a Principal, what are some of your expec-
tations from Student leaders?
Mr. John: Mutual respect, cooperation, the oneness of
purpose as well as efficient and effective management of resources.
TWJ: Trainees have been agitating for the refund of
their component of the feeding fee. As a Zonal Prin-
cof Chair, what is your take on it?
Mr. John: My take on the issue is not different from that of our national President.
TWJ: We learned there is an ongoing library project at Akatsi College of Education. How far with that project?
Mr. John: The project is not about putting up a new building. It is all about making it ICT compliant by introducing e-books and other teaching and learning materials online. It also makes it easier for students to access relevant materials from other libraries both local and international.
TWJ: Any experience to share with us as a professional in the teaching fraternity?
Mr.John: Education and development are positively correlated. It, therefore, behooves on all stakeholders including teachers and learners to give it all the necessary attention that it
TWJ: What is your take on Women Empowerment?
Mr. John: I fully embrace it because it will bring about economic growth and development.
TWJ: What initiatives have been put in place at the
Akatsi College of Education to promote Women Em-
Mr. John: We are very gender-responsive. We con-
sider gender issues when it comes to admission of
students, the appointment of staff, and all our policies are
TWJ: Thank you so much for your time. It has been
great having you around. Enjoy the rest of the day.
Mr. John: Thank you too. It’s been a privilege for me
to interact with you.

Updated: October 29, 2020 — 1:03 pm

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  1. You have an interesting background.

    Ingel Soong

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