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Foso COE Principal speaks on feeding components of the trainee’s allowance 2020/2021

TWJ: Good morning and welcome to TTAG Weekly Journal.

Dr. Anthony: Good morning.

TWJ: Could you tell us about yourself.

Dr. Anthony: My name is Dr. Anthony Baabereyir, Principal of Foso College of Education.
I formerly worked as a lecturer at the University of Education and took up the job of Principal in November 2018. I am married with two children.

TWJ: Could you please take us through your educational background?

Dr. Anthony: From Roman Catholic Boys Primary at Bibiani, I continued at St. Paul’s Boys School in Nandom and then to St. Francis Xavier Minor Seminary in Wa where I
wrote my GCE O- Levels. I then proceeded to St.lubert Seminary in Kumasi for A-
Levels and then to the University of Ghana for my first degree. My M.Phil was at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, and Ph.D. at the University of Nottingham, UK. I’m a geographer by training at all levels of my education.

My areas of research include Environmental management, environmental education, disaster management, sanitation, and urban management

TWJ: Any memorable event to share with us?

Dr. Anthony: I think I have enjoyed my life journey so far amidst challenges though.

Working with people colleagues, students have all been fruitful moments in my life.

TWJ: What has been your greatest challenge in life?

Dr. Anthony: Well, I love challenges. The greatest was probably growing up in a poor background and struggling to get a good education. Financing my schooling at the pregraduate Level was a real challenge.

TWJ: How did you sail through?

the bridge when we get there.

TWJ: Trainees across the country still believe that the feeding component of their allowance could be used to cover part of their fees for the next Academic year if not a refund. As a Principal, what is your take on this?

Dr. Anthony: That is not a valid argument. The feeding grant is meant for feeding students, not for fees.
Besides, the colleges have incurred lots of cost during the covid period even when students were not on campus In any case, I believe the government would have paid that money directly to students if it was intended to be given to them. Even the food items for the semester were already procured before schools were closed down so how do we pay the suppliers if we give the feeding grant to students?

TWJ: Female involvement in decision making has been an agenda pushed globally.
What initiatives have been put in place at Foso College of Education to get females involved in decision making both at the student’s level and administration-wise?

Dr. Anthony: The College has a very active gender policy that guides management appointments to positions. We also encourage female students to take up student leadership positions, with some positions deliberately and intentionally reserved for females.

We have a very gender-friendly system.

TWJ: For your 20 years in the teaching profession, is there any experience to share
with us?

Dr. Anthony: Well, I will say teaching has allowed me to share what I’ve
learned, and also learn from many young people over the years. It’s been very enriching.

TWJ: Any piece of advice for trainees across the country?

quite prepared for whatever will be decided. We will cross the bridge when we get there.

Dr. Anthony: My advice is that they should study hard to achieve their dream of joining a noble profession. I wish them great success and a fruitful experience.

TWJ: What has been your dream for Foso College of Education as the Principal?

Dr. Anthony: My dream is to transform FOSCO into a full university and a center of

excellence for teacher education in Africa.

TWJ: Thanks for your time.

Updated: October 9, 2020 — 2:36 am

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