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Problems facing the Mampong Technical College of Education

Every institution has gotten her problems and the “College of Men” has gotten
its fair share. Successive Principals, Administration ration, and the SRC of the college since its inception in 1922 have contributed their quota to the development of the college as it is known to be now.
The current administration in conjunction with the
SRC’s effort cannot be abated. Nonetheless, the paramount challenge of the college remains the lack of an auditorium.
To begin with, Mampong Technical College of education has no Assembly Hall despite the loud cry of the past administration of the college to the government and other agencies.
This forced management to convert a building intently made as a workshop to a place of gathering.
Fortunately and unfortunately, there have been technical machinery supplied to the college by the government which is now housed in the “old assembly
This has posed a great challenge for us during mass gathering especially during
the examination period where two-year groups are to sit and write at the same time.
This situation has rendered such great and popular tertiary institutions almost practically incapable to hold grand functions.
As the college administration makes conscious efforts to seek remedy to this situation, we would like to solicit the support of all and sundry.
Again, as policy demands, it is expected for three-year groups to be on campus by the next academic year, and the situation as it may be would arouse the need for accommodation in terms of lecture halls and hostel to house inmates of the college.
As a matter of urgency, we are calling for completion of the two GETFUND hostels which one is nearing completion and the other
yet to be furnished.
The above representation is a few of our prioritized needs on campus and we would therefore through this medium, call on cooperate bodies, individuals, philanthropists, NGOs, and the Alumni, the “Elderly Gentlemen'” as they are affectionately called. We
count on your assistance.
To conclude, I must commend the current administration for their collaborative work with previous SRCs for making the college as it is. Nevertheless, it would be my absolute pleasure if the government and other stakeholders especially the alumni can come to our aid in putting up an ultra-modern auditorium.
The wise saying of
Socrates the great, “
The secret to change is to focus all your energy not on fighting things of the old but on building the new”.
For this reason, I entreat all current students to develop a positive attitude to make our dear college haven.

Updated: October 15, 2020 — 3:02 pm

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