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TWJ interviews Miss Baidoo Esther, TTAG-EGA WOCOM


TWJ: Good Morning and welcome to TTAG Weekly Journal

Esther: Good morning! Thank you so much.

TWJ: Could you please tell us something brief about yourself?

Esther: My name is Baidoo Nana Ajoa Abekoa Esther, a newly qualified teacher. I am the former women’s commissioner of Abetili Presbyterian College of Education and the current women commissioner of the TTAG-EGA Sector.

TWJ: Could you lead us through your educational background and the leadership positions you held?

Esther: I had my Basic Education in Shining Star School and was the head girl. Then, I went to the Accra Girls’ Senior High School. Finally. I furthered on, to Abetifi Presbyterian
College of Education and was the SRC Women’s Commissioner.

TWJ: What were some of your campaign messages which went down well for trainees to give you their mandate to lead them as the WOcOM for TTAG-EGA?

Esther: The Ultimate message was to serve as the mouthpiece and help address issues in the best interest of trainees especially women.

TWJ: What have been your achievements so far?

Esther: Duc to the difficult times of this pandemic Worldwide, much has not been done as expected. But then, the commission, staying true to the duty of harnessing the intellectual capacity of trainees especially females, and sharpening them as tools for problem-solving made some recent achievement by introducing the Pink Series this month.

Also in conjunction with the TTAG Women’s Commis
sion, we’ve been able to mobilize female trainees together to create a community where issues related to women are addressed.

TWJ: What advice do you have for those who will be contesting for the position as the WOCOM for EGA-Sector?

Esther: I believe each and everyone is capable but this is my advice to them;

1. Find a mentor

2. Keep your word

3. Be humble

4. Learn constantly
5. Understand your reach
6. Be straightforward with problem-solving.
Then finally, Get enough sleep

TWJ: What is your relationship status?

Esther: Hahaha… Interesting
I’m Single

TWJ: Thanks for your time Miss Baidoo

Esther: Thank you so much for having me!

Updated: October 11, 2020 — 10:43 am

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