Several Canadian universities and colleges offer scholarships in which international students can apply, to help them finance their education in Canada. This script will focus on how international students can apply for scholarship opportunities in Canada.

International students who are planning to go to Canada for studying and have no means of paying for their education can get financial help through scholarships. There are a large number of universities, colleges, and institutes that offer scholarships to international students. To apply for these scholarships, you must first be aware of the eligibility criteria and all other aspects like application, closing date, etc. This is why you need a counselor or someone who knows how the application process works.


There is a large sum of scholarship schemes available for international students in Canada. Various institutions and organizations like governments, universities, NGOs, and organizations; institutions like businesses, foundations, and so on offer scholarships. International students who want to study in Canada can apply for free scholarships or grants given by the government. Students can only apply for suitable awards offered if their fields of study meet the requirements of award-giving bodies.

However, many other countries see Canada as their education hub due to the quality higher education offered at relatively cheaper cost compared to other nations. In fact, some Canadian universities are ranked among prestigious organizations such as Times Higher Education (THE). Some of these Canadian universities are McGill University, University of Toronto that offer excellent programs focusing on areas like Engineering, Medicine and Business management among others.

Applicants can forward to:

Toronto Office

2345 Yonge Street Units 900-901 Toronto ON M4P 2E5

1-647-498-2323 for more details.

Cost of Living in Canada

Cost of living in Canada is pretty low and manageable. The cost of living can be anywhere between CA$20000 to 30000 for undergraduate programs. Postgraduate programs could be about CA$16000 per annum. Getting a job is an excellent way to help fund your stay in Canada, although you will be able to work only 20 hours/week during semesters and full-time during breaks. Getting scholarships will also help lower your financial burdens as a student in Canada.


Eligibility for Canadian universities can vary by institution, but may include level of language proficiency, previous education, financial capabilities and medical coverage.